This is official all LM's works about this great game!


Addon features:

  • This mode is coming with fist alpha pack so thats including fist alpha singleplayer missions and also running all multiplayer maps for no error on intiallization + all weapons 

  • Changed characters skins: Crocker, Bronson, Defort, Hornster, Hawkins and Douglas are now camo body skin

  • New multiplayer character voices: all characters now have each voice for selfs. New voices are: Cpt.Rosenfield, Hawkins, Douglas, Soliders and more voices on vietcong characters.

  • Changed menu background: from previous patches

  • Fist Alpha pack but with standard Vietcong theme song: Pseudohendrix

  • Defort character is from fist alpha addon

  • Green cap is not standard but camo skin now

  • In multiplayer lobby also added song: I wanna be your dog

  • LM_MAPS pack with several maps remakes with different and new modes

  • Download link:

  • 5ebWlSkh4OYJYT37UomjDEVtu5ddxk3TQ2V727haCoI - this is decryption key that you need to start downloading


This is mostly remakes of some originals maps with new definited modes.Its already in addon but you can download seperated here without addon.

Download link: - seperated - one pack


Here is mine scripts for map editors and makers :D

Including US & VC bots


My active server is LM_LETSPLAY.

Game modes: mostly CTF,GG,DM,TDM,ATG

Votes are aviable


Examples of Addon



You can contact me on discord:


Vietcong community discord server number 1:

Vietcong community discord server number 2: site:

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